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Are your current IT provider holding your business back?

Poor response times?

Time is money. If you’re waiting around for your IT provider to act, it is costing your business valuable time that could be better invested elsewhere in your operations.

Misaligned approach?

If the ethos, values and service approach of your business are not met by your IT provider, you may not be partnered with the right likeminded business to support you on your journey.

Lacking value for money?

If your IT provider acts like an insurance company – waiting for something to go wrong before they act. You are not getting the true value for money that you deserve.

Outgrowing your current provider?

If your business is growing and evolving, it is likely you will outgrow the expertise and capabilities of your current provider. They are holding back the development of your business.

No technology plan?

In this digital age, businesses thrive on the support of the right technology. If your provider is supporting the past and failing to deliver the future, your evolution is being curtailed.

Uncertain about security?

If you lack peace of mind with your current cyber defences, or are uncertain about your backup and disaster recovery procedures; you deserve a partner with a complete plan to protect your business.

Microsoft 365

Unless you’re super tech-savvy or an IT guru you shouldn’t be wasting your time.

How we help.

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Complete IT Support

Your friendly, local and personal IT department. We are on-hand for anything and everything you need to support your team, your computers, servers and associated IT infrastructure. Our support goes above and beyond fixing things when they aren’t working – we take a proactive approach of maintaining, enhancing and securing your IT to tackle potential issues before they arise, while also working to educate and guide your team to ensure they get far more from technology in their day to day work.

Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Business today = data. The value of data to businesses in the digital age has never been greater, and the loss of that data never more potentially catastrophic. Ensuring that you have a comprehensive file backup and disaster recovery solution, is essential to the safety of all your sensitive data. We combine backup and recovery services with a business continuity solution – ensuring we can keep the lights on in your business, whatever happens.

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IT Projects and Procurement

If you are looking to overcome a business challenge and need technical expertise to implement the right technology solution for your business, we can help. We combine our technical expertise with practical business knowhow to deliver the right solution for your business from both a technology and commercial viewpoint. 

IT Security & Data Protection

The risks posed to our livelihoods from cyber threats are ever-growing. Often lacking in defences when compared to large enterprises, small to medium businesses are now the biggest target for cybercriminals. It is a necessity to take proactive precautions and technical measures to protect what matters most to your business – and it need not cost the earth with the cost effective and practical solutions we can implement to defend your business.

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The Cloud (Microsoft 365)

Microsoft 365, (previously known as Office 365), is the complete cloud ecosystem that delivers on most productivity, communication and collaboration needs. Supporting the functions of your team, whether they are working in the office, remote or a combination of the two. Seamlessly bring all of your team together in one familiar, easy to use, secure cloud platform that empowers users wherever, however and whenever they need to work.

Technology Strategy

We will work closely with you to learn and appreciate your business – understand its challenges, goals, requirements and obligations; an appreciation of which is vital to building the right progressive plan for your technology that helps the business grow.

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Microsoft 365

Unless you’re super tech-savvy or an IT guru you shouldn’t be wasting your time.

Our Business Values

Friendly and Honest IT

You want your IT company to be honest and open with you about IT issues. If something’s not right, we’ll be straight with you and explain why. We are always transparent.


We stick to our guns. If you think that you’ve found an alternative solution that’s half the price, then we look forward to the call asking us to come in and fix the issue 6 months later!


How many hours have you wasted waiting for your existing IT company to respond? Our average response time since 2010 has been just 15 minutes. Not too shabby..!

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